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DIY Hydroponics - How to Build a Top Feed Hydroponics System

Install Tray Drain Pipe
The drain pipe for the tray in installed by inserting a rubber grommet into the hole in the tray. The drain pipe is then inserted joiner end first into the grommet.
Install Tray and Tank
Place the tank under the frame and then place the tray into the frame above it. Take the opportunity to cut the drain pipe to size so that it curves against the bottom of the tank.

Put the 13mm pipe onto the pump
Put the 13mm pipe onto the pump. This will form part of our feeder pipe.
Install the pump
Install the pump by putting it into the tank at one end and run the feed pipe between the tray and the frame if your design permits it.

Run the Feeder pipe
Place your pots into the system. Cut the feeder pipe coming out of the pump so that it is slightly higher than the pots and put the 90 degree elbow onto the end of the pump pipe.
Completed Feeder Bar
Run the feeder pipe accross the tops of the pots and cut it to size. Plug the pipe at the end opposite the pump. The completed feed bar should look like this, ready for the drippers.

Dripper assembly
Connecting the dripper to the feeder bar by a short pipe is not necessary but very usefull giving you room to move individual plants around. Assemble them as shown.
Insert Dripper Spike into feeder bar
Create a tiny hole in the feed bar and insert the dripper spike into it. Dont make the hole larger than a millimetre or so or it may not seal properly.

Ready to Run Hydroponics System
The system is almost ready to use. We simply need to mount the light and plug it in.
The light is supported by 4 hooks and a chain
Four eye hooks and a chain will allow you to adjust the height of light to suit the height of your plants. The system is now ready to use!

Completed top feed system with plants