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The information on is provided free of charge or membership requirement and is accurate to the best of the authors knowledge. We make no warranty as to the accuracy or suitability of the information provided on this site. It is provided to give an insight into hydroponic gardening so that those who wish to attempt to create their own hydroponic garden may do so in a more informed manner.

Although the information provided can be used to grow many different species of plants it is not the authors intention to be specific about any particular variety but simply to share years of accumulated knowledge with other prospective gardeners for the promotion of hydroponics as a hobby.

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Site News - Hydroponics Has Evolved!

Have you enjoyed our website on hydroponics and want to learn more? Would you like to learn to grow fish and vegetables organically and cost effectively? Our new website might be for you.

DIY Aquaponics takes hydroponics a step further and shows the reader how to use the waste from fish grown in a fish tank to provide nutrients to a growbed full of vegetables. Harvest both fish and veges from one system! Economically sound and completely organic aquaponics is the hydroponics of tommorrow. Check it out today!

Happy Gardening!